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VS Cart Pro - Iris Exchequer Web Shop Integration

This totally unique software integrates your Exchequer Accounting and Business Management System directly onto the web. It offers all your discount structures product groups and products including full discounts structures at product and customer level.

The system has a build in scheduler and image processor which is configurable by the customer to schedule updates from the live Exchequer Accounting and Business Management System to the website. At the same time it automatically retrieves any orders taken from the website and directly imports into the sales ledger day book thus eliminating any manual order entry.

For the end user all updating of web content is done directly within the Accounting and Business Management System, including marking products as specials, removing products from web, customers discounts, product discounts and navigation.

Please contact us on 0203 920 8270, or if you prefer submit an on-line Contact Us form, to enquire on seeing a demonstration site of this product.