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CRM Contact Management

When you address your Contact Management Software ‘CRM’ requirements there are many software packages available, “off the shelf” which are adequate for many businesses. VerticalSoft specialise in CRM software, to fit your exact business needs and software integration requirements.

However at VerticalSoft, we have identified that data management in this field can be unique to every business software requirements, thereby we offer a very flexible and highly functional integrated CRM software package to manage your business information exactly how you need it.

At VerticalSoft we understand that a CRM system for any business needs to have scalability, so often once we speak to people about their business it becomes apparent that most people in any organisation have the need to access or update the CRM system.

To give you an introduction of how a CRM solution can be put together in our experience, firstly a CRM system needs to allow you to hold all relevant data in relation to your prospects and customers, allowing you to profile them in as many categories with subcategories as your business requires, thus allowing you to pull reports and communicate efficiently with these very important contacts. I.e. by email, following up call, letter or appointment. This communication may be in the form of newsletters, campaigns, relevant updates, seminars, special offers, etc etc. All these lines of communication need history in order to analyse effectiveness of you marketing spend and be linked to the sales people involved in turning previous prospects into new customers and also retaining your existing customers with good communication and encouraging repeat business, this is only the beginning of what a CRM solution should offer you.

Back to scalability, importantly and uniquely VerticalSoft offers a very rare facility with it’s leading CRM solutions, total scalability at NO EXTRA COST to you. When you purchase a CRM solution from us everyone in your organisation can have access with no limited and costly user licences. This makes VerticalSoft unique with it’s CRM offering.

Scalability is hugely important as when you begin to investigate how your CRM solution will work best for you, you will realise that everyone in your organisation will require access, if you think about it you are dealing with data relating to prospects, business partners and customers, these people drive your business, how you communicate with them and record this data is key to a successful CRM system.

Effectiveness and CRM, the key to success with VerticalSoft. Do not forget integration. It is likely that you will purchase a new CRM solution after investing in other areas of your business, i.e your accounting software, service management, document management or stock management system. Integration between your CRM solution and other systems currently in use or planed for your business is very important. At Verticalsoft we have proven experience in making integration happen as opposed an issue as some CRM solutions can bring to you.

A specialist in bespoke software requirements we offer the exact CRM software functionality and software integration your business needs. Please contact us for a friendly discussion about your software and integration requirements for the best CRM software solution for your business.